In my experience as a personal trainer and scientist, I’ve been able to observe a few things in regards to human behavior and fitness.  I believe a majority of being fit has to do with behavior and attitude.

Everyone wants to be in great shape: healthier, feel better, stronger, slimmer and most importantly to look good.  Typically, someone who wants to achieve all these things will try diets, gyms, home workouts, Instagram advice, hire a personal trainer and so on.  A staggering amount of individuals “fall off the wagon” because they do not feel like their choice of means is effective.  Then they try something else that may “not work” and the cycle continues.  We’ve all heard this before.  This isn’t new and some one us have experienced this first hand.

What I believe is a major flaw in the attitude toward achieving a healthier you is most people are told what to do: “Oh, Jason, you have to try this meal replacement”, “Megan, I did this workout that you’ll just love”, “Come on Julie, everyone else says this works great”.  You may have also looked online for something that works.  I mean, if your friends, family and then internet says something works, it has to right?  More often then not, it doesn’t and now that you feel you’ve failed at something that was fool proof, how does that make YOU feel about YOUR fitness level?  That you’re hopeless, you must be genetically inferior, you weren’t ever meant to be healthy?

I really hope that I am able to change your mind on this.

In regards to fitness, generally two aspects of your exercise routine need to be met:

  1. Intensity.  It needs to bring you beyond what you are normally accustom to (energy wise, mentally, mobility wise…).
  2. Adherence.  You need to be able to sustain this routine for a long period of time.  Months if not years.

Of course more things need to be met (safety, specificity toward your individual goals, environment…) but for the most part, let’s just stick with these two aspects.  Through this site I’m going to introduce you to things that you may or may not think of as being ‘fitnessy’ but I would encourage you to try all of them (or at least the ones you find interesting).  I would strongly encourage you to try items that you do not think you can do!  Try them out and if you like them, stick with them.  If you enjoy something, you’re more likely to: 1. work hard at it and make it more INTENSE and 2. stick with it so you can SUSTAIN this activity.  Going forward, you may also see your skills improve as I will offer progressions to keep you motivated.  Whenever I’m able to perform a new trick or do a new skill I feel much better about myself and then, by default, I eat better.

My purpose here is to offer you different options for exercise and hobbies so that you can find your skill AND reach your goals.  If you’re looking for a NEW item to try out, select the NEW category on the full blog page.  If you’ve already found your skill and want to see different progressions click  the PRODUCTS category on the full blog page and select your product. Finally, if you’re interested in a product but would like to see similar products, select the SKILL category on the full blog page and find which skill is associated with your product.  Good luck and please comment to request any tips on new products I haven’t posted about!